Children Study Club

Every child is precious, and deserves a chance to reach their greatest potential. We have established two programmes catering to the needs of the children in the Teban Gardens community.

Early Literacy Programme
The Early Literacy Programme prepares children in K1 and K2 for the challenges of a Primary School education. We help children gain confidence in reading, and to give them a head-start in building their language and learning skills. Classes are held on Tuesday evenings from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm. 

Study Club (PRIMARY)
The Study Club is a programme where Primary School children benefit from regular academic guidance. Teachers and volunteers seek to develop character and values through supervision and care.

Youth Study Club

A youth's teenage years is often a period of much growth and development. At PPHCSC, we aim to provide youths with a healthy environment where they can spend their time wisely through meaningful activities. The Secondary Study Club is a weekly programme that aims to provide students with the support and guidance trough the care of our committed teachers and volunteers.

Study Club Fees

A nominal fee is charged to keep it affordable for all families.

Families with financial difficulties may have their fees reduced or waived. 

Primary 1 – 3 (English / Mathematics)

Fee: $30 per subject

Primary 4 – 6 (English / Mathematics)

Fee: $35 per subject

Sec 1 – 4 (Mathematics / Science)

Fee: $40 per subject