PPHCSC After School Care
PPHCSC 学生托管中心

At PPHCSC Student Care, we strive to provide students with a home after school, where they are cared for by our dedicated staff. Our programme is designed to nurture each student’s talents, creativity and learning potentials whilst instilling discipline. 


Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about our after school care service. Click here to get in touch.

Supervised Study

Supervision of homework is given priority to ensure students complete their daily homework on time. We will also assign supplementary revision homework to reinforce learning.

紧密督导学生按时完成每天的功课是本中心 的优先任务。我们亦会分配额外的复习作业 以加强学习。

Daily Programme

2.00PM    Arrival, Freshen Up, Meals
2.45PM   Supervised study/ Homework
4.30PM    Afternoon Tea Break
4.45PM    Enrichment Programme/ Arts and Craft
6.00PM    Silent Reading

School Holidays

During school holidays, the centre will organise field trips to places of interest and educational centres to expand the learning experiences for our students. Some holiday highlights include camps, sports, friendly matches, excursions and creative arts training.

本学生托管中心的课程设计亦跨越课堂内的学习。 在学校假期时,中心将透过主办参观名胜地和教育 中心以扩大学生室外的学习体验。营会,体育活动,友谊竞赛,郊游和创意艺术培训是学校假期活动的 一些亮点。