PPHCSC StudentCare


At PPHCSC Student Care, we strive to provide students with a home after school, where they are cared for by our dedicated staff. Our programme is designed to nurture each student’s talents, creativity and learning potentials whilst instilling discipline. 

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Study Programme

Supervision of homework is given priority to ensure students complete their daily homework on time. We will also assign supplementary revision homework to reinforce learning. 

Our team of volunteer teachers make time from Monday to Thursday nights to tutor students on subjects like English and Mathematics. Our teachers strive in meeting the students’ academic needs, while also ensuring that the lessons are fun and engaging to keep students motivated.

Daily Programme

2.00PM    Arrival, Freshen Up, Meals             
2.45PM   Supervised study/ Homework
4.30PM    Afternoon Tea Break           
4.45PM    Enrichment Programme/ Arts and Craft 
6.00PM    Silent Reading

School Holidays

Aside from supporting the childrens’ academic endeavours,  we strive to provide them with opportunities to have fun and enjoy their early years. During school holidays, we organize trips to places of interest and educational centers to expand the learning experiences for our students. Some places we have visited in the past include East Coast Park, Science Centre and Bouncy Paradise. Highlights of the holiday program include camps, sports, friendly matches, excursions and creative arts training.

Holistic development of the students is a key goal at the student care and through these fruitful activities, the children are able to build character and values.